Top 3 Stocking Fillers

It is the time of year when we get our stockings filled up with fantastic gifts, but what are the top three gifts that you would like in stocking? These are our suggestions for the most useful and fun gifts.


Chocolate is something that most people like. It can be cheap or expensive and therefore make a perfect gift at any time of the year.

christmas chocolate

At Christmas many people do eat chocolate, because they like to treat themselves and so this means that it is a popular choice for a lot of people. It is for sale in many places as well and so it is really easy to come by. It is also a bit of fun, if you have many more practical gifts.


A great gift that you will always use is stationery. It may be something else that sounds dull, but having some spare pens and pencils, post-its, pads and things like that can be great. They can be used in the car, home, office or popped in a bag to use anywhere. Having them for jotting down ideas, shopping lists, to-do-lists and all sorts of other things is so useful.


Notelets can also be great, for all of those thank you letters that come after Christmas all maybe all year round as well. They can even be used as emergency birthday cards if you need to send one and do not have one in the house.


Batteries may be a bit boring to ask for as a gift. However, they can be one of the most useful things that you can have. A CP1290 Battery could be one of the most useful gifts that you could be given and they do not even have to be that expensive either.


If you shop around then you can find some fantastic bargains for things like this CP1290 Vision Battery. These can be the sort of gift that some people will not want to get you, because they think that it is no fun, but it can be one of the best things that you get because it could be so valuable.


How to Keep Your Beer Cold and Hands Dry With Koozies

It’s a Challange to keep your hands warm and your beer cold at the same time. An easy solution are koozies, which work great! Beer Koozies are basically used to keep beverages in a cold state for a longer time and also acting as storage. Koozies are now available in multiple designs with imprints on them giving them an attractive look.

These are not too expensive but are very useful. The custom koozies are available online as well where you can customize them according to your choice. You can give them as birthday gifts, house parties etc. They are multi-purpose and handy.

Design of koozies
Koozies come in various designs and with different imprints. These imprints can be done online as well from places like Custom-Koozy check them out for more info.

Some of them are:

  • Collapsible koozies: These koozies are made of foam of high density. The outer material is that of cloth with space for customized imprint.
  • Foam koozies: These are highly versatile and handy. They can hold cans and bottles and preserve the cold temperature of the drinks. Provision for imprint is given.
  • Bottle koozies: These Beer koozies resemble the shape of a bottle and are longer in length. A hook is also provided along with it. This is helpful for people who are into hiking. Sufficient amount of space is given for the bottles.

Find customization online

The custom koozies can be imprinted online which is easy to use. There is help available for you in case you need assistance regarding customization. There are multiple options for editing your customized imprints as well. Online you can find website where you can find custom koozies as a gift for the special someone.

Geeky Shaped Cakes

A great and easy way to produce geeky themed foods is to shape cakes to look like geeky items. This could mean anything from decorating the top of a square or round cake with a picture of a computer to shaping a cake to look like an item. There are many different possibilities.

Cake decorating is a huge art form and how difficult a cake you choose should depend on your ability. You may feel that it is better to buy one and if you find a picture of something you like, you should find that any good cake decorator will be able to produce it for you.

dog shaped cake

If you want to try something yourself, then you will need to start with an idea. You may have an idea in your head or want to look around and get ideas online. If you need a shaped cake, then you may find that you will be able to buy a tin with the right shape and so it is worth looking for that. Many websites sell cake tins in a huge range of shapes and sizes and so you should be able to find what you need.

Decorating the cake can be difficult if you have not done it before. It can be worth watching a video online of someone demonstrating it, to help you. You will also need to decide whether you want to pipe on icing, buttercream or work with fondant. There are advantages and disadvantages with working with each, so find out about them. It is also worth practising first. You could be very disappointed if your first cake attempt doesn’t look good and you are expecting a room load of people to sample it very soon. So make it well in advance so you have time to have another go. If you are piping the icing, practice on some greaseproof paper or a plate first so that you get the hang of it.

The Geeky Vegetarian

It may seem wrong to be a geeky vegetarian, but it does happen. There are some great ideas for geeky foods that are suitable for vegetarians and so whether you or someone you are catering for is vegetarian, it should not make it any harder to find a great selection of geeky food.

If you are making food for a party, then it can be a good idea to make a good and varied selection of vegetarian options as well as meat and fish items because if you have vegetarian guests, they will be able to have something to eat. It can be easy to make geeky vegetarian food as well as meaty things as there are plenty of recipes around that you could adapt or use.

vegeterian geek

Some people would choose to make an entirely vegetarian menu if they have some vegetarians eating with them, but often meat eaters would prefer to be given some meat and so it could be better to do both options if you have the time. It is always nice to have something for everyone.

You could choose to just serve sweet options, such as cake and biscuits and these are normally vegetarian anyway and the meat eaters would not know any difference then.

It is worth noting that a lot of alcohol is not vegetarian and so you will need to be careful in what you buy. Vegetarian wine is labelled as so and you should be able to find out all the information you need about various drink on the bottles or on their websites.

It should not be that difficult to cater for a geeky vegetarian though. You can have just as much fun with vegetarian food as any other when working out how to make it cool and geeky!

Geek Food Rules

It can be so much fun making geeky food. You will find that once you start making it, that you will want to try more and more recipes. There is a growing amount appearing online and you could always start a blog or website and publish your own recipes or add them on to recipe sites so that other people can have  ago with them.

Although most people enjoy their food, it can be far better if you make it interesting and that is what geek foo d is all about. Making food pleasing to the eye as well as tasting good can much improve the eating experience and as a host will make you feel that you have provided a fantastic service for your guests.

angry birds geek food

It does not have to be difficult either. Some of the recipes will be ambitious, but there are plenty of things that you can try that are not so difficult and they can be so much fun, both to make and to eat. It is great to be adventurous with food and some people make a living or hobby out of it. You could easily do the same thing if you have a good imagination, are good at design and taste combinations and like your food.

Even if you are not quite that keen, there are bound to be some geek food recipes that you would like to try for yourself. There are plenty of more simple ones out there if you are not that good a cook, but also some well written harder ones, which most people could manage even if they do not cook much. It is just a case of finding something you like the look of and seeing whether you can make it. Most people can follow recipes it is just a case of confidence.