If you ever come to middle east party event, that might held by your friends or colleages, you might ever taste zalatah.
Zalatah is more like fruit salad, but tast like pickles, a bit sour, and little sweet, its very refreshing food.

Curious on how to make it, lets have a look at the recipe below, its very simple, just pour all the ingredients on the bowl.

Food ingredients:
1 pcs pineapple, cut into small thin
5 pcs cucumber, halved cored
2 pcs tomatoes, cut into
4 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 teaspoon salt
50 ml lemon juice
5 tablespoons tomato sauce

How to make:

1. Place in a container, pineapple, cucumber, sugar, salt, lemon juice and stir well. Let stand 15 minutes.
2. Enter the tomato chunks and tomato sauce. Stir well. Serve.

That’s it, very easy isn’t it.